Singapore Makers: Past. Present. Future

A showcase by SG Makers Association (SGMA) at the Maker Faire Singapore 11-12 July 2015

SGMA will be curating a special showcase on the Past, Present and Future of the Maker Movement in Singapore. There will be display of various past and present maker activities that started since the first Singapore Mini Maker Faire in 2012 till date. We will also be exploring what the future holds for makers who are looking at making as a sustainable livelihood.

The Maker Academy (TMA)

The democratization of technology and the rise of smart devices are beginning to change the way students learn and teachers teach in schools. Big words like ‘IoT’, ‘Rapid Prototyping’ and ‘Big Data’ are beginning to inundate the education system globally. In this regard, how can educators prepare themselves to transit from being a dispenser to co-facilitator/creator of knowledge.

TMA is a new maker education initiative that will enable and empower educators to design and facilitate purposeful making experience for their students.

Repair Kopitiam

As a community project that is allied to the maker education initiative, Repair Kopitiam aims to combat the buy-and-throw-away culture in Singapore and to create a more sustainable future. This is accomplished by bringing the community together, sharing repair experiences and propagating the repair culture. Visitors are also invited to take part in the Repair Kopitiam activity at the Maker Faire facilitated by the Sustainable Living Lab (SL2).

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