About Us

    • Who we Are

      We are a not-for-profit organisation that represent Makers in advocating ‘grass straws’ creativity and inventiveness by promoting technical, scientific, and artistic skills through encouraging creative, inventive and cultural expressions in Singapore. In addition, we hope to establish best practice framework for an emerging creative industry that is technological-centric through a tripartite network of citizens, companies and the government.


      As a bottom-up community, we are thankful for the efforts made by others to grow the maker movement in Singapore to what it is today. Special thanks goes to Maker Media for kickstarting an awesome brand of events and activities that inspires many of us to create our own events. We are also thankful to the Science Centre Singapore for introducing the first Singapore Mini Maker Faire. In addition to government agencies such as SPRING, DesignSingapore Council and IDA who have been very supportive to drive the maker & innovation culture in Singapore.

  • We are Makers

    “..so continue makingcontinue tinkeringcontinue innovatingcontinue sharing; hit us with your best deals. You will find and I hope that we will be able to prove, that Singapore is the best place in the world to be a maker, an inventor, an artist, a poet – a person who combines arts, science, technology and culture..”

    – Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

    Co-ordinating Minister for Smart Nation